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AMCK Yoga Package 2018 is regulated by the following terms and conditions:

General information

  1. AMCK Yoga Package, consecutively referred to as ‘Event’, is organised by: AMCK Management Ltd, Studio 2, 329 Latimer Road, London, W10 6RA consecutively referred to as ‘Organiser’.
  2. The Organiser will provide high standard yoga classes through their faculty of yoga teachers to every participant of the event.
  3. The Organiser reserves the right to change the line-up of teachers and activities of the event at Organiser’s discretion and without notice.

Booking and deposit information

  1. In order to book a place in the event, all application forms and registration fees must be submitted by 22nd July 2018. If payment deadlines are not met, you may loose your place on the Event.
  2. The Organiser cannot allow participation in a class without a confirmation of the paid registration fee.


Participant is obligated to pay the full amount upon registering for the yoga package. A participant's place will not be held or secured unless full payment is received.

Cancellation through Organiser and refund policy

  1. In case the event planned by the Organiser is cancelled, the amount already paid for the Event, will be refunded.
  2. Organiser shall not be liable for any delay or failure to carry out the event if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control, including force majeure, strikes, lock outs, accidents, war, fire etc. In this case the Organiser is not obligated to refund any part of the participant’s fees or any other kind of expenses occurred such as travel expenses, accommodation, etc.
  1. The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the program and/or yoga teachers. Any such changes will not result in a refund for registered participants.

Cancellation through participant and refund policy

  1. All cancellations are free of charge if AMCK Yoga Package receives a written cancellation (via regular mail or e-mail) within 5 working days after the online registration. 
  2. For medical conditions occurred during the event, the Organiser is not obligated to refund any monies to the Participant.

Travel information

  1. It is the participant’s responsibility to arrange accommodation and arrival/departure to/from the event.

Legal Responsibility

  1. Participants are advised to have travel/health insurance in case of injury/illness or circumstances requiring medical treatment or hospitalization.
  2. Participants with an existing injury attend the event at their own risk. The participant is responsible for considering his or her personal health and safety needs when applying for, or attending the event. If the participant suffers from any health or other medical conditions that can present a risk to them or others while abroad he or she should not register.
  3. Due to the nature of the event the organiser cannot take responsibility for any injury (self inflicted or caused by third party) or personal illness during the event. Personal accident insurance and health insurance are the responsibility of the participant or their parents/legal guardians.
  4. Organiser cannot take responsibility for any missing, damaged or stolen personal belongings.
  5. Participants must show an acceptable standard of behavior and conduct themselves appropriately or they will be asked to leave the event. Paid fees will not be refunded.
  6. As a participant of the event, we ask you to be aware of the fact that you spend the week with a group of people and must recognise the rules of this community. The instructions of all supervisors have to be followed.
  7. The organiser and all choreographers reserve the right to make video and photo recordings for their own purposes. All the notes, photos, and videos made during the event belong to the Organiser and can be published and used for promotional purposes in the future.

Acceptance of terms

  1. By booking this camp these terms and conditions are accepted without exception.



Your privacy is important to us. We handle any personal data we collect in line with current Data Protection Legislation.

Upon signing up to AMCK FIT and any AMCK FIT Event, we will require some personal details from you in order to communicate with you prior, and at times after an event. The information collected for each event may vary.

The only time your data is shared with people is within the staff members of the company who may need to contact you. AMCK FIT staff have signed and agreed to our companies Privacy and Confidentiality Policy upon employment. AMCK FIT never shares your private information with any members of the public who may request it. 

Upon completion of an event your details are kept on our system. You have the right at anytime can request your to be removed.